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Port Taranaki
The background
The brief was to provide information to the Human Resource Team at Port Taranaki who were preparing a business case for presentation to the Senior Leadership Team and Board on changes to the existing Performance Appraisal System.

The existing system was robust, well designed and had initial success in parts of the organisation. However, without sufficient training and on-going leadership it had fallen by the wayside and was seen as ineffective, with evaluation criteria that could cause anxiety.

What we did for Port Taranaki
Through in-depth conversations with Human Resources and staff, a phased approach to change was suggested. The underpinning philosophy was to create great conversations that drive a higher level of performance from every employee at Port Taranaki. Ultimately, the existing appraisal system could be returned to. But for 2-3 cycles, it was recommended that the basic skills of great conversations - regular positive and developmental feedback - should be the focus.

Through communicating and offering skills development, day-to-day conversations would be enriched. Specific and timely feedback and performance management issues would be nipped in the bud rather than escalating. It was suggested that Leaders were developed to observe Moments of Truth and confidence build to they knew how to act on them..

Our consultancy allowed the business case to be written, providing information on: rationale for change; benefits associated with building a successful high performance culture; risks associated with the proposed approach and suggestions on how they could be mitigated.

The results
The Human Resources Team received a detailed 23-page report with specific phases outlined, including:

Suggestions for aligning all HR systems
A new approach to writing Position Descriptions
How to re-frame the Induction process
Recommendations for development planning and measuring through 360 reporting
Integrating their 3 values into all systems and phases of the new performance development system
A suggested time-frame to roll-out the different phases


+64 (0)274 903175
PO Box 876, Wanaka 9343, New Zealand
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